Welcome to NXT IPTV

NXT IPTV is a tailored server where we focus on all countries and not specifically on one country.

We have chosen to focus on all countries as everyone deserves stable channels.

At NXT, we have servers specific to each country and the result is stability, fast channel changes, and minimal lag.

Of course we also have operational disruptions such as ■■■ broad casting, digital channel, viasat and others, but the difference with us is that we quickly begins to fix the error unlike many others where it can take hours or days.

When it comes to VOD, we have chosen not to save resources on either text, audio or image. Here, everyone should be able to see their film, regardless of whether they like it original language, english or if you want the film in dubbed in spanish. Of course, we also have different countries domestic films and series.

We could write column meters with text about NXT and its stability but to show you as a possible seller for NXT iPTV we want to offer you a trial. Not 12 hours, not 24 hours but a full 10 days where we want you to compare us with everyone else.

We know that no one on this planet can decide to become a salesperson through testing a service for just 24 hours so we offer you time to be able to try our services in peace and quiet.

What is unique about NXT?

As a reseller with us, you never have to think about giving support to your end customers. We take care of all support, information regarding malfunctions, info about the latest upload, and the absolute hottest news. We take care of your customers’ questions 365 days a year from 06.00 – 24.00 local time.

As a reseller, you do not have to ask questions or search for answers between provider and customer, you can focus on selling more instead of providing support.